Neight Foster

As a Colorado Springs resident for nearly 15 years, Nathan Foster brings to Pikes Peak Athletics a strong strength and conditioning background, lending his extensive coaching experience to our athletes in the gym. He is certified by CrossFit in various disciplines, including the Olympic Lifting and Strongman categories. He has been coaching athletes of all ages and abilities for more than 6 years, and in that time, has shown his instinctive ability to tailor coaching to individual needs, while maintaining the boundaries of a system and plan. Neight is known for going the extra mile to accomplish a goal or solve an issue, and can often be seen honing his coaching skills by experimenting with swimming himself, or by taking extra time to attend and observe athletes that he coaches at a swim meet. In his spare time, Neight enjoys, the outdoors such as hiking, camping, biking, snowboarding and swimming.

Top Instruction. Peak Activity.

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