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The Pikes Peak Athletics Masters Group is a constituent of Colorado Masters that trains at the Olympic Training Center in central Colorado Springs.  In order to swim with this group you must be a registered US Masters or USA Swimming member.  The group was formed for four reasons:

1. To provide a training opportunity for adults who prefer a middle-of-the-day workout rather than early morning or evening training.

2. To provide experienced, focused coaching for adults. 

3. To provide adults with an out-door swimming opportunity during the summer in the beautiful Colorado climate when weather permits.

4. To provide adults with an opportunity to train in a 50 meter pool during winter months.

Our roster includes adults of all abilities.  The cost of our program is $60 per month. Out of town guests can drop in for $7.50 per practice.  Due to OTC security guidelines, all guest athletes with Pikes Peak Athletics must make arrangements at least 48 hours in advance of practice times if you do not already have OTC credentials.  Please email to arrange OTC access.  All current Pikes Peak Athletic athletes must hold a valid OTC proxy card to gain access to practices at the OTC.

Registration is completed online only under the registration link. Please contact us if you have any questions. Come join us during your lunch hour or on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! See calendar under the drop down menu for specifics.

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