Base Camp Swim Team

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The Pikes Peak Athletics Base Camp Swim Team is the best way to help your swimmer transition from swim lessons to formalized swim team. One of the toughest transitions in swimming is making the leap from lessons to team; the Pikes Peak Athletics Base Camp bridges this gap by teaching proper swim team technique and etiquette while gradually building the endurance needed to be on a swim team.

The goal of this class is to provide a positive learning environment for early swimmers who have an interest in swim team but aren’t sure if they are     ready for the full commitment of a swim team or need additional help with their endurance and technique. Great opportunity for swimmers to get in the water with a Pikes Peak Athletics coach and a small group of other new swimmers while learning the basics of swimming on a team.

  • All pre-team classes will be held at Pikes Peak Athletics Training Center
  • Classes will be offered in the evenings
  • Participants have the option of attending once or twice per week
  • Classes follow rolling sessions. Once enrolled in a class, swimmer’s spot will be guaranteed (pre-enrolled) into the coming months until swimmer moves up in level, wants to move time, or wants to withdraw from class.


Top Instruction. Peak Activity.

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