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Pikes Peak Athletics does not require any mandatory fundraising or volunteering requirements.

There are also no rejoining fees. In addition to monthly dues, athletes must be USA Swimming registered (approximately $65-$70 per year). Pikes Peak Athletics offers a $25.00 discount to all active military and a 10% discount for multiple children. Athletes who register between August 5th and October 1st each year will be exempt from $65 registration fee. There is an additional swim meet fee per swimmer when participating in a meet depending on the location of a meet ($7.50 for in citiy meets, $10 for out of city meets, $75 for out of state meets).

Prices are prorated when joining the team in the middle of a month.

Pikes Peak Athletics is accepting new swimmers at this time. Please contact to come try us out! Registration for 2017 - 2018 is now open.


Base Camp

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Pikes Peak Athletics is excited to introduce our Base Camp Swim Team. The goal of this class is to provide a positive learning environment for early swimmers who have an interest in swim team but aren't sure if they are ready for the full commitment of swim team or need additional help with their endurance and technique.  This class is also an excellent way for High School athletes to further their stroke proficiency and gain endurance for their High School season. This is a great opportunity for swimmers to get in the water with a Pikes Peak Athletics coach and a small group of other new swimmers to perfect strokes, build endurance, and learn the basics of swimming on a team. Base campers are not expected to participate in meets.

Requirements: Must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.

Group Philosophy: “Let's give this a try. Swimming is fun!”

$80/4 practices



This group provides the opportunity for very young kids to learn fundamentals of competitive swimming in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere.  Age Group 1 participants can come to practice 2 times per week, and are not expected to attend competitive meets, although they may be entered in a meet from time to time depending on individual readiness.  The focus is on having fun in the water, learning fundamentals and a little swimming too! These swimmers are about age10 and younger.

Requirements: Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of legal freestyle and backstroke and 10 yards of breaststroke and butterfly.

Group Philosophy: “Swimming is fun!”




Age Group 2 is intended for younger swimmers who are expected to attend practice 3-4 times per week and attend meets monthly.  This group is the lifeblood of Pikes Peak Athletics as these swimmers will go on to be the future stars of the team.  Due to different maturation levels there is a large variation in ability level within this group; some athletes will strive to qualify for the state meet while others will still be learning fundamentals.  These swimmers are usually age 11 and younger.

Requirements: These athletes are typically able to swim two or three different competitive strokes proficiently, and can swim 200 yards of freestyle with proper flipturns. 

Group Philosophy: “Learn to swim competitively and have fun doing it!”




The Junior I Group is designed for swimmers who expect to make it to practice about 4 times per week and compete in meets periodically depending on readiness.  Extending from ages 11-15, the age and ability range in this group is broad, made up of inexperienced younger swimmers, and older swimmers that are new to the sport, or new to training.  These athletes enjoy swimming while not necessarily making it their number 1 extra-curricular activity. All Junior Team I athletes should purchase a pull buoy, short training fins, paddles and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

Group Philosophy: “Swim for fitness and fun, and strive to do your best.”




This group is primarily for younger swimmers whose goals are to attend practice 5-6 times per week and attend meets monthly.  These young athletes are more experienced in competitive swimming for their age and aspire to qualify for and final in the State meet.  For this group, consistent practice attendance is critical in building strength, enhancing skills, refining technique and developing training and racing strategies.  These athletes will move to the Senior Team eventually, and intend to make swimming their primary activity.  Junior Team II swimmers are generally age 11-16.  All Junior Team II athletes should purchase a pull buoy, short training fins, paddles and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

Group Philosophy: “Build a technical and aerobic foundation and learn how to train.”




This group is intended for high school aged athletes who are preparing for the high school season and may conclude their training with Pikes Peak Athletics when their high school team begins or will be joining Pikes Peak Athletics after the high school season is over.  The athletes may be asked to attend meets depending on their goals. Swimmers will practice with either the Junior I, Junior II, Senior I or Senior II group. These athletes should purchase a pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, short and long training fins and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

Price: same monthly fees as the group the athlete will be training with. Charging can be suspended until athlete returns from high school and there are no re-joining fees.



Senior Team I swimmers are student/athletes that intend to practice 4-6 days per week and may continue to train with Pikes Peak Athletics through the high school season.  These athletes may have other activities which prevent them from making swimming their first priority, such as another sport, triathlon or a time-intensive academic activity.  Senior Team I swimmers are typically in High School, or age 14 and older and may be asked to attend meets based on their goals.  These athletes should purchase a pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, short and long training fins and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

Group Philosophy: “Maximize your time with the sport, and give your best effort when you are here.”




Senior Team II swimmers are expected to come to every practice offered, which amounts to 10 workouts per week including all strength and conditioning sessions.  These athletes have made swimming their first priority, and strive to qualify for Sectionals or a higher level of competition.  Senior Team II swimmers are age 14 and older.  All athletes in this group should purchase a pull buoy, paddles, snorkel, short and long training fins and a mesh bag to hold their equipment.

Group Philosophy: “Train hard every day.”




Pikes Peak Athletic offers competitive swimming options at the Club at Flying Horse. Please see the Flying Horse tab for more information