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Price Overview

All lessons, both group and private/semi-private are 30 minutes long.

Adding multiple days is an option, if interested, the price is simply doubling the price.


Group Lessons Pricing

Prices below include Water Baby Classes.

                                  Member                                                                              Non-Members

                                   $15.99/lesson                                                                            $18.40/lesson

                                                    * 2nd child gets 10% discount (1st child is full price)


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on a tiered system, with price varying based on experience and demand.  Pricing is based on a 30 minute lesson, other increments are also available using these prices. Packages of 180 minutes and 360 minutes are also available with discounts applied. Please contact to request scheduling for private or semi-private lessons.

 Members                                                     Non-Members

$34.50/lesson                    Private                          $38.50/lesson

$23.00/lesson                    Semi-Private                 $27.50/lesson per swimmer


*Lessons Pricing, both group and private,  are subject to change without notice.