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General Class Information

Lessons are available for ages 6 months to adult. All lessons are offered in sessions which vary depending on the season.  

Water Baby class

Ages 6 months to 3 years. Adult gets in the water with child.  This class takes a non-aggressive approach which teaches comfort and fun in the water. 

Group Classes 

Ages 2 years and up. Individuals are placed in classes based on both age and skill.  See below for more information on the levels. These classes have low swimmer to instructor ratio of 4:1, with the class never larger than 4 kids (PLittle follows a 3:1 ratio).  These lessons are offered at the times stated on individual site pages (each location is different).  You choose how many times per week works best with your schedule and your commitment level, this can be once, twice, three times a week or more. 

MAKE UP POLICY:  For our outdoor sites and all lessons at The Country Club of Colorado, class will be cancelled when the pools are closed for lightning anda make-up class will be held on the immediately following Friday. No more than 1 make-up class per week will be held. Make-up classes are not provided when a swimmer misses class unless the swimmer is given written permission from the Program Manager, see #8 on our FAQ page for further details on our make-up policy.


Our curriculum consists of 3 levels, plus our water baby class. 

Water Babies (B) 

Ages 6 months to 3 years. This is a beginner class that takes a non-aggressive approach to introducing the water.  A parent or other adult is required to get in the water with child as we sing songs and play games.  The main goal of the class is to achieve comforatability and a fun experience for the child while teaching additional skills when they are ready. This is a fun class that is often just as enjoyable for the parents as for the child.


PLittle/Little Pikes 1

The focus of this level is to establish comfort, independence and safety in the water. They will learn how to move through the water independently using arms and legs, breathe, and establish water safety habits. PLittle is specifically for ages 2-3 years old and follows the same curriculum as Little Pikes 1.

This level is equivalent to our P1/E1, P2, and beginner P3/E2  in our old curriculum.


Little Pikes 2

The focus of this level is to begin introduction to all 4 competitive strokes and establish comfort in the deep end. Correct and efficient technique will be taught as they learn freestyle, backstroke and the kicks for breaststroke and butterfly.

This level is equivalent to our S1 and more advanced P3/E2 in our old curriculum.


Little Pikes 3

This class completes the four competitive strokes and builds endurance. They will learn how to put the arms and kick together for breaststroke and butterfly together while working towards swimming full laps of all strokes. After completing this level, they will be prepared for our Base Camp Swim Team.

This level is equivalent to our S2 and S3 in our old curriculum.


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

These are a great way to personalize your lessons and get the some on one attention for faster progress.  Private lessons are available to ages 2 & up.  These are great for Adult lessons as well as for individuals with special needs.

Special Needs & Individuals with Disabilities

On our staff, we have individuals who are trained and have experience teaching children with a variety of disabilities.  If you are interested in lessons for someone with special needs, please contact us and we would love to find the best fit to help them experience the joy of the water.

Adult Lessons

We offer adult lessons for any level, ranging from those who have a fear of the water to individuals who are interested in swimming for fitness.  The lessons are typically taught in a private lesson format with highly trained instructors prepared to meet the adult at whatever level.